X-ray CCD Coffee Maker (X.C.C.M.)


It is very important to set up this instrument correctly to obtain the best result.

1. Pour tap water to the water purifier.
2. While wating the water filtering, put 6 scoops of coffee bean to the grinder (for 8 cups). Grinde the bean to powder.
3. Place a paper filter to the basket and put the coffee to it. Do not leave any coffee in the grinder.
4. Pour water from the purifier to the coffee maker.
5. If the coffee pot is not washed, rinse it with water. Close the lid tight, then flip open the top part of the lid.
6. Set the pot so that the handle facing you. Switch on the coffee maker. The switch is located on the left. If the light is not lit, push one more time and hold.
7. Wait until the light is off.
8. Turn the lid to open position and pour coffee to your coffee mug.

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